Monday, December 20, 2010

Next Entry

I knew before starting this blog that I should have stock piled them for years so I'd always have one to post. I'm sure had my brain not known I had a blog, I would have produced several blog-worthy pieces by now. Such as life and the ridiculous way my mind works.

I've keeping busy with work and prepping for the Christmas holiday. We have company coming to stay with us a few different times during the season, so there was some work to do in getting the "guest nook" ready. However, in spite of that, I have finally unstuck myself with my "NaNo Novel" and pushed just past 27k words, ending a writer's block that--let's face it--I just was too lazy to get past. In a rare event, I was up until 2 AM on Saturday night, working on it. Not sure if end of 2010 is still realistic, but will be less concerned about dates and more about writing and getting the first draft done. I'm determined to have one, as I've been known (to myself at least) to languish on a first draft. I'm looking forward to getting back to it later this evening.

Not the most enlightening of blogs, but at least I published one!


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