Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've Always Been a Jetson Wannabe

I start the day when my iPhone 4's harp plays angelically in more of a "reassure" tone than an "alarm" tone. And unlike my dusty clock/radio, it doesn't hold it against me when I hit "snooze". Maybe it's because I cuddle with it until it's "really" time to get up. After padding to the kitchen and waiting 30 seconds for my perfectly brewed cup of coffee from the Keurig, I sit down in my office in front of my trusty and beloved MacBook Pro to check email, weather, pay bills online and the like.

As I fire up the television to see what TiVo has to offer from the night before I make some notes in MacJournal or work on a project in StoryMill before hopping on the train. While on my train commute, I pull out my Kindle for thirty minutes of light reading (as I do on the way home.) If I drive to the office, I employ the GPS just for reassurance. Once there I'm reminded about my meetings thanks to Outlook and renew a prescription via an app on my phone.

I might have to order lunch for a meeting, giving preferential treatment to any restaurant that has a web portal or an app, allowing me to not to have to talk to anyone which frees me up to better multi-task (and not get annoyed repeating the spelling of my name...S...not F), yet guarantee delivery in a timely manner. I begin to think of what I'll make for dinner, and then remember, I already selected a menu using MacGourmet and purchased all the necessary grub for it thanks to Grocery Gadget.

The internet and cable went out the other day, and my phone was getting zero reception. It almost became a "situation". I may or may not need professional help for my consumer technology addiction.

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