Monday, March 21, 2011


In a previous blog I lamented my iPad purchase, declaring it overhyped and underwhelming. So I happily returned it, thinking I was free from its touch-screen grip. However, it wasnt that simple. It never is with me. I am a lover of anything that "organizes." I had a Trapper Keeper in 1980. A DayRunner in 1990. A Handspring Visor Deluxe (Palm OS) in 2000. A Dell Axim (Windows Mobile OS) in 2003. A BlackBerry in 2006. An iPhone in 2008. My need for centralized organization is overwhelming. Something within me was determined to find a use for an iPad.

So after breaking up with it and realizing my feelings weren't fully reconciled, I wondered how we could give our relationship another chance. In the meantime iPad 2 had been introduced with no great "must have" features (in my opinion). Even better, I got an email from Apple letting me know the first gen devices were in "clearance". Ok. Reason nĂºmero uno for a reconciliation.

I did a lot of research to find companion apps to desktop Mac programs I had. Syncing is very sexy, you know. And I found several. Reason number two! Let's see, I guess I should round out with a third. Did I mention it was discounted?

No doubt I wanted to want one more than I wanted one, but after spending a few days with her (yes, she's a a ship. A wonderful mini computer ship with a glossy touch screen) I began to understand how I'd use her. Reading newspapers, keeping myself organized and synced with my Mac, and even writing. Part of the deal was I told myself I'd have to use it for writing. That alone would make it worth it's weight in platinum. And it payed off. Like the know-it-all Genius at the Mac store said when I returned the first one, "You get used to typing on it. Just like you did your iPhone." Yeah. Yeah. It's actually not that bad, but does take some getting used to. This blog entry was typed wholly on my iPad.

Oh! Reason number three: paying less for the same thing you paid more for two weeks ago is also sexy. Very sexy.

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  1. Where have I been? I can't believe I missed this one. Yay for you and your special lady (LOL never thought I'd say that to ya!). I know I love mine. Did you name her?