Monday, April 25, 2011

Small Victories

The other day, I had a rare luxury. Ken was insistent upon taking his folks and aunt who was visiting for the afternoon for a trip to Michael's to pick up some craft supplies for one of his several current projects. Everyone seemed to be on board. I asked about my role in this adventure, and was kindly instructed that it was a gift for give me time alone at home. The gesture was supremely sweet and so appreciated. "Alone time" is something I'd grown used to not getting much of--or rather, redefining it as early mornings while the house is still quiet.

I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself, but first priority was sitting down and giving my essay "Bully for Me" a final read through before submitting it to the 80th Writer's Digest Competition. I'd begun work on it back in February, and worked it feverishly through the middle of March--until Ken's hospital stay put the brakes pretty much anything that wasn't about him. But most of the heavy lifting was done. It's a short and (perhaps?) humorous account of a bullying experience in high school that has stuck with me in many ways--for the better--to this day. It was a struggle to keep it under the 2,000 word maximum, finally coming in at 1,995. It was also real challenge to figure out how to tell the story, but one of the most enjoyable kinds. Were it not for a the deadline I could have spent months and months--perhaps years--kneading it, and stretching it, and re-rolling it.

I'd completely forgotten about the May 2 deadline with everything going on--until my trusty iCal alarm reminded me. It was later that afternoon, during my gifted "alone time" that I was able to give one final look-see and submit it. I have high hopes that it will be highly regarded, but no expectation of placing. I won't hear (or not hear) until October. And I'm still trying to figure out if I can publish it in my blog or if that is some kind of violation.

Regardless, another step in my writer's journey has been completed. Thanks to my hubby.


(We took a long walk the other day with Ken's folks. I was thrilled to see such a thriving oasis of springtime goodness!)


  1. Love your writing, you are so talented...and have such a way with words! And I'm glad you were gifted 'Alone time' by your amazing husband! xoxoxo

  2. Thanks, love. That's very kind of you, and means so much to me. And, yes, he is A-MAY-ZING. xoxo

  3. Oh I have a feeling it will make an impact... like all of your writing. :) If in the contest rules it says "first rights" anywhere, it can't be epublished on a blog. Besides, ramping up the anticipation for getting to read it AFTER your ass has won is all the better. :D

  4. Oh, Miranda, I DO love you and your fiction!