Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gilda's Club


I attended my initial New Member Meeting at Gilda's Club on Saturday. And I was pretty nervous about it. I entered through the Iconic Red Door and was directed to a holding room where 5 women were waiting for the same meeting I was. The facilitator moved us into a larger room and we handed in the paperwork we were given to complete. We went around the room, giving our name what brought us to the Club. I felt a little guilty that I was the only in in attendance who wasn't currently living with cancer, but she reassured me that there were plenty of services that would apply to me. As I looked around at all of them, I just thought how brave they were to facing what they're facing and smart enough to come a safe haven like Gilda's to get support.

After we were told about all the services they offered their members (all of them cost members nothing), she took us on a tour of the four floor facility. It was quite lovely and they clearly put a lot of thought and experience into the design. The vibe there is very calm and very warm. After that we made our appointments for our one-on-one customized membership plan, to determine which services would serve us the best. Mine in Monday at 5:30. In the meeting I'll be placed into the appropriate group or groups I want to join and give a twelve week commitment to attend. I'm kind of excited about it. Looking forward to it--even.

The experience certainly put me in a good emotional place for the rest of the weekend--a big contract from last weekend. I think it feels good when you are actively taking steps to address grief.

Thanks, Ms. Randor!

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